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Scottish Country Dancing - What It's All About Membership Form

Scottish Country Dancing is the more social form of Scottish Dancing, not to be confused with the Highland Fling or the more athletic Sword Dances. It is performed in sets of six or more dancers by folks of all ages and backgrounds. It is closely related to America’s square dancing, contra dancing, and the like. It is not necessary to bring a partner to participate; in fact, part of the etiquette encourages dancing with other partners .

Energetic Jigs and Reels, and slower Strathspeys are the traditional social or Country Dances of Scotland. The dance forms begin simply in the early classes, but the technique and patterns continue to claim the interest of even the most advanced. There are literally hundreds of different dances. It all keeps the mind sharp and the body fit. Take a look at this recent demonstration.

Dances are enthusiastically learned and performed by members of over 150 Branches and affiliated groups of the Society located all over the globe. With an avid membership of over 25,000, the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) has dance partners and local friends wherever your travels may take you.

The San Diego Branch of the Society offers a variety of classes, affordably priced (in traditional thrifty Scots fashion). Our local branch also boasts an experienced collection of teachers. This winning combination of availability, affordability, and quality is the best opportunity for fun, exercise, and enjoyment you can find. Dress is comfortable and casual - you need not wear a kilt, though we all do enjoy the 'lilt of the kilt' at our social dances.

In addition to attending classes, members can enjoy social dances, more formal balls, weekend workshops, and numerous ‘after parties’ and other non-dancing social events with the group. Many of the dances feature live music by some of the world’s best traditional musicians.

Don't miss out! Come by and give it a try!