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Branch Dances

These core dances have, for the most part, withstood the test of time and form a basic repertoire for San Diego dancers. These and other dances will be used in devising dance programs.

Dance Cribs
Bees of Maggieknockater 4x32 John Drewry - Canadian Book
Cranberry Tart 8x32 Terry Glasspool – Seven Year Itch
Follow Me Home 8x32 Book 38
Hooper's Jig 8x32 Miss Milligan's Miscellany II
Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder 1x128 Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder
Jennifer's Jig 8x32 Drewry – Silver City Book
Kendall ’s Hornpipe 8x32 Book of Graded Dances
Laird of Milton’s Daughter 8x32 Book 22
Light and Airy 8x32 Book 4
Machine without Horses 8x32 Book 12
Mrs. Stewart’s Jig 8x32 Book 35
Pelorous Jack 8x32 Book 41
Quarries Jig 8x32 Book 36
Roaring Jelly 8x32 Foss – Glendarroch Sheets #6
Spiffin’ 5x32 Sq Quarrie’s & Friends – Chicago 25th Anniv. Collection
Waverley 8x48 Book 15
Wild Geese 8x32 Book 24
Bratach Bana 8x32 John Drewry – Bon Accord Book
Cadgers in the Canongate 8x48 Book 9
Currie Mountain 8x32 Mary Pugh - New Brunswick Collection
De’il Amang the Tailors 8x32 Book 14
Duke of Perth 8x32 Book 1
Falls of Rogie 8x32 Jean Attwood – Alexander Dances Book 1
Flowers of Edinburgh 8x32 Book 1
General Stuart’s Reel 8x32 Book 10
Lady Susan Stewart's Reel 8x32 Book 5
Mairi's Wedding 8x40 James Cosh - Twenty Two SCD & Two Others
Maxwell’s Rant 8x32 Book 18
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan 5x32 Roy Goldring – 14 Social Dances for 2000
Montgomerie's Rant 8x32 Book 10
None So Pretty 8x40 Book 19
Pinewoods Reel 8x32 John Bowie Dickson - Yankee Sampler
Polharrow Burn 5x32 Hugh Foss – Glendarroch Sheets #18
Reel of the 51st 8x32 Book 13
Reel of the Royal Scots 8x32 RSCDS SCD Leaflets
Sleepy Maggie 8x32 Book 11
West’s Hornpipe 4x32 Five Traditional Dances for 1965
1314 S64+R64 John Drewry - Rondel Book
Balquidder Strathspey 8x32 Book 24
Bonnie Stronshiray 8x32 Robert Campbell - Glasgow Assembly
Dalkeith’s Strathspey 8x32 Book 9
Delvine Side 8x32 Book 2
Fair Donald 8x32 Book 29
Gentleman, The 8x32 Book 35
Invercauld’s Reel 8x32 Book 11
John McAlpin 8x32 Hugh Foss - Galloway Album
MacDonald of the Isles 3x32 Derek Haynes – Carnforth Collection
Miss Milligan's Strathspey 8x32 Golden Jubilee Leaflet
Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy 8x32 Book 20
Monymusk 8x32 Book 11
Neidpath Castle 3x32 Book 22
Sugar Candie 8x32 Book 26
Wind on Loch Fyne 3x32 John Bowie Dickson - Dunedin Dances Book 1